Oh good. A whole album about their break up
michael baggs
12:27 8th February 2013

Expect the next Taylor Swift album to be about how heartbroken she is over a British boyband star with floppy hair, as Harry Styles of One Direction has revealed he 'doesn't care' whether she writes songs about their split.

Swfit has a habit of turning heartbreak into hits (see 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together') and expectations are high for a Styles-inspired follow-up record to her 2012 release, Red. Harry Styles however, is said to be unconcerned.

"Harry doesn't care that songs are being written about him! If they are about him, he is in no rush to hear them," says a source to Hollywood Life. "He's moved on. The only thing related to Taylor and him is that his band mates are joking with him that he is the next victim of her songs."

"He is taking everything in stride, and in his eyes, she can do whatever she wants."

Short but sweet - Swift and Styles split at the start of 2013

A potential break-up record will be a more permanent record of their brief relationship together, and certainly a more concrete prospect than a supposed sex tape featuring the pair, which has been scamming Facebook users in recent weeks.

Unsurprisingly the link doesn't take the viewer to raunchy footage of Swift at all, instead swamping them with numerous surveys and scams that ask for contact details.

Providing any of the information asked for will make the user more likely to recieve spam emails or texts and may even install malware on the computer being used.

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