Ticket prices for UK shows upset fans
michael baggs
12:17 5th February 2013

Fleetwood Mac fans' excitement at the band's UK tour announcement quickly turned to anger when it was revealed that they would be charged up to £140 to see the band perform live on their Autumn tour.

Sure, it's a bargain compared to the price of Rolling Stones tickets last year, but fans have vented their anger online after prices were announced.

"Seriously???? Fleetwood Mac tickets £125 plus £12.50 BOOKING FEE," wrote Joe Cody

"Tickets for Fleetwood Mac are ridic (but not unlike others...) - start at £50.00 up to £125.00. My money is on them playing Bestival," tweeted @taraevans.

"Would I be utterly crazy to pay £140 for a Fleetwood Mac ticket?" says @Mc_Adam88.

@WhatKayleighdid pondered buying tickets or keeping a roof over her head, saying: "Sorry Fleetwood Mac but your tickets cost more than my rent. *cries*"

Others considered extreme measures to ensure securing tickets, with @Spiral_Scratch tweeting: "When do tickets for Fleetwood Mac go on sale? Just so I have time to sell my arse to Satan for the cash."

Fleetwood Mac will perform five UK shows in September, October 2013

Beyonce didn't escape criticism either, with @Jason_The_Guy slamming prices for her upcoming UK shows.

"£135 each for Fleetwood Mac tickets... are they having a giraffe? Top price Beyonce tickets look set to be £95 too. Robbing bastards," he wrote.

Below: what can we expect to see at Fleetwood Mac's Autumn gigs?