Band set to announce their comeback
michael baggs
10:12 4th February 2013

After months of speculation (and denials from the band), Fall Out Boy look set to announce their comeback today (Monday 4 February) and perform live on US show Jimmy Kimmel Live next week.

As reported first by PropertyOfZack, the pop-rock band will be reuniting after a three-year hiatus and have allegedly been working together in the studio for the last two months.

The rock music website, PropertyofZack wrote: "PropertyOfZack has confirmed with several trusted sources that Fall Out Boy are reuniting after a three year-plus hiatus.

"Fans should expect an official announcement in the near future."

The band members have been quick to deny any reunion rumours so far and are expected to do the same until the official announcement.

A Fall Out Boy reunion looks to be on the cards this year 

Guitarist, Joe Trohman recently tweeted: "The rumours are still untrue, unreal & totally outta this world! *shreds gnar, does surf's up hand signal*. Seriously, it's not going down."

However, sources close to the band have revealed that the Jimmy Kimmel Live performance on Wednesday 13 February is a certainty, with new music and live dates to follow soon after.

Below: Fall Out Boy in Pictures