New music from Noel Gallagher, Owlle, Pacific Air and a sweet Tina Turner remix
michael baggs
14:54 1st February 2013

Another week gone and we're suddenly in February. 2013 is progressing at a worrying pace but hey, at least that long, difficult January is out of the way at last.

This week we have once again been gifted by the gods of music (other belief systems are available) and below are the tracks that have kept us going and kept us sane over the past week. From a new track from one of the biggest electronic bands of all time to an undiscovered gem from a Britpop icon to a fresh new remix of a classic track from a true music legend, we've got the big names covered.

Then of course, there's the hugely hyped new artists of 2013 who haven't let us down, with brand new music from some stunning new artists also gracing the internet and indeed our ears.

Listen to our top tracks of the past week below.

Depeche Mode 'Heaven'
Let's kick this off with a big one. Depeche Mode are one of the many big names making a bit of a comeback in 2013 and 'Heaven' does not disappoint. A brooding, dark, mini-masterpiece that lives up to the band's legacy, 'Heaven' is the first track released from new album, Delta Machine.


Tina Turner 'What's Love Got To Do With It' (Zimmer rework)
Tina Turner may not be making music any more (grrrrrr), so it is left to talented young remixers to instead dust off her old classics. Here, Zimmer turns an eighties smash into a retro slice of disco which manages to be ultra cool, while at the same time likely to catch your mum's attention as well.


Del Marquis 'Say Ooh Damn'
A lot of people may credit Jake Shears or Ana Matronic for being the core of the Scissor Sisters - but did we overlook the input of bassist Del Marquis? Following the band's 2012 announcement of an indefinite hiatus from music, Del Marquis is the first of the band to debut solo material and ooh damn is it good. Prince riffs mix with a sense of slutty pop only achievable by a former member of Scissor Sisters, and Del Marquis may be the one to benefit most from the Scissor Sisters current separation.


Owlle 'Disorder' (Moonlight Matters remix)
An uber cool French singer given a shake-up by a Belgian producer was never going to end up anything other than achingly hip, but Moonlight Matters' remix of Owlle's 'Disorder' achieves so much more than coolness. A stunning slice of emotive electronica.


Pacific Air 'Float'
We wrote about Pacific Air in 2012 when they went under the name of Ko Ko. New year, new name and 'Float' is as sublime a slice of sun drenched guitar pop as it was a year ago - although this time the track comes backed with a suitably summery video too. File alongside The Neighbourhood in the new wave of US indiepoppers set for big things in 2013.


Cat Power and Angel Haze 'Manhattan'
Cat Power has had a tough time of late, having cancelled a string of live shows due to personal problems, but things are looking up thanks to hip-hop newcomer Angel Haze. The hugely tipped rapper has given Power's track 'Manhattan' a hefty dose of 2013 cool with a guest verse on a new remix by Ryan Hemsworth (no relation to Thor). Hopefully Azealia Banks won't catch wind of this, as the last time Angel Haze mentioned New York, a hip-hop Twitter war took place. So shhh, ok?


The Neighbourhood 'Say My Name / Cry Me A River'
'I don't think you're ready for this jelly,' Beyonce one sang (or mimed, who can be sure?) and if this was the 'jelly' in question then indeed no, we were not ready for it. The Californian band, who recently told Gigwise that they consider Kanye West 'The Beatles of rap' put a downtempo, guitar-heavy and seriously groovy spin on two modern r&b classics. Glorious stuff.


Noel Gallagher 'She Must Be One Of Us'
Noel Gallagher has sprung a bit of a leak of late. Two demos in two weeks, and both pretty spectacular. 'She Must Be One Of Us' is rough and messy - but boy, is it good. As we wait for news of second High Flying Birds album, we're happy to take as many of these demos as Noel wants to toss our way. Classic guitar pop-rock with a hefty harmonica solo thrown in for good measure. Noel remains at the top of his game.