US stars cover 'In The Middle' by iconic emo rockers
michael baggs
13:05 1st February 2013

Florida pop-rockers We The Kings always bring their own brand of sunshine to the UK whenever they visit, and this time was no different. Frontman Travis Clark took the opportunity to deliver a performance of Jimmy Eat World's 'The Middle', and hinted at the band's upcoming next album.

Speaking about the new record, Travis tells Gigwise, "It's incredible. Right now we're at the stages of like, we know what it sounds like, it's the best record we've ever done and we can't show anybody yet...

"We're all anxious to let our fans and friends and family hear the songs, but we have to wait until everything else works itself out."

He adds, "We're hoping we'll be able to release it in May, June or July, summer time."

We caught up with Travis at London's The Scala for an exclusive session, where he performed an acoustic version of a classic Jimmy Eat World track.

Watch Travis Clark cover 'The Middle' below

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