Pop singer offers advice to Little Mix singer
michael baggs
11:01 1st February 2013

Pixie Lott has turned agony aunt for girlband singer Perrie Edward, advising the Little Mix singer to dump cheating boyfriend Zayn Malik after he was caught with another woman, saying she would never tolerate such behaviour.

Malik was caught with Australian waitress Courtney Webb at his home in London at the end of January, despite being in a relationship with X Factor winner and girlband star Perrie Edwards. Now, Pixie Lott has revealed her take on the situation.

"No way would I stand by my man if he did that," she tells The Daily Mail. "I’ve never been in that position, but it’s terrible. Girls should stand up for themselves. They don’t deserve to be treated like that – they can find a man who wouldn’t do that to them.

"If I was in that situation I wouldn’t stand for it.

"I feel so sorry for Perrie. She’s a lovely girl. I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s so pretty," Lott added. "It’s a very sad situation."

Malik has a thing for blondes it seems. Perrie's purple just wasn't cutting it

Pixie Lott has reacted to the situation with a more level head than fans of One Direction, who promptly bombarded the waitress involved in the situation with death threats.

One fan Tweeted: "Courtney Webb... we will find you and kill you. Sincerely Directioners."

Another posted: "You are a freaking idiot if you believe that Zayn cheated on Perrie. I will personally haunt you in your sleep and maybe kill you."

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