Exclusive shots of the Australian band at the brutal mercy of feral children
michael baggs
12:14 31st January 2013

Listening to the sun-drenched vibes of Australian band San Cisco doesn't inspire thoughts of blood-soaked violence - unless your name is Kasimir Burgess, of course.

The video director is the man responsible for the video for the band's new single, 'Wild Things', which was deemed so controversial in their homeland, that it was removed from internet servers.

Fortunately, we're a little less flustered in the UK, and we can all watch the video as much as we want, so check it out below.

The 'Wild Things' video sees bandmembers kidnapped by a tribe of feral children and lashed to a post, before being burned to death. It's a far cry from, say, something The Saturdays might release.

The single is released in the UK on 18 Feburary. Check out exclusive stills from the video shoot below.