Release will be first track from debut album
Ashley Clements
12:44 28th January 2013

Azealia Banks has unveiled that her official 'debut' single is called 'Yung Rapunxel' and will be released on February 12.

The rapper broke the news to her Twitter followers and admitted that there has been a change of heart in terms of which song would be the lead single from her debut album.

Banks tweeted: "BIG CHANGE OF PLANS," before elaborating: "My first single is actually not going 2 be Miss Amor / Miss Camaraderie'. It's goin 2 be a song called 'YUNG RAPUNXEL' prod. By @LILINTERNET."

The New Yorker signed to Interscope Records in the US and Polydor in the UK in 2012 and has only released EPs, 212 and 1991 as well as her Fantasea mixtape so far.

Azealia Banks performing at Liverpool O2 Academy last year 

The rising rap star went on to confirm that the new track would be released on in just two weeks time.

She wrote: "'YUNG RAPUNXEL' will be released February 12, 2013."

Below: The best album art of 2012 - Best Coast, Azealia Banks and more

  • Field Music ''Plumb'': This is one of those rare albums where the music is every bit as good as the artwork. Hazy and simple, the vague figure standing at the post box could be anyone, and the mix of photography and art has something compelling about it. Good work.

  • Battles ''Dross Glop'': Not sure quite what you''re looking at? This is the cover for Battles'' "Dross Glop." In following with the singles'' cover theme, this is essentially a big pile of stuff. With paint all over it. So simple and yet, there''s just something a bit weird about it.

  • Sleigh Bells ''Reign Of Terror'': Sleigh Bells'' cover for Reign of Terror'' is interesting enough, but even more so with the story behind it. The blood-splashed Ked sneakers belong to singer Alexis Krauss, and so does the blood. Guitarist Derek Miller accidentally smacked her on the head during a live gig and Krauss just kept on going. The Keds sum up everything important about Sleigh Bells - uncompromising attitude and an amazing live show.

  • The Shins ''Port Of Morrow'': For The Shins'' Port of Morrow, frontman - and sole original remaining member - James Mercer worked closely with artist Jacob Escobedo to create this haunting cover. Escobedo described it as " pure Hopi psychedelic spookiness" and we''d have to agree.

  • Best Coast ''The Only Place'': Best Coast''s cover for "The Only Place" - that''s a bear hugging a map of California. Also, it''s adorable. We need no further justification for this one.

  • Neon Music ''Picture Show'': There''s something about the cover for Neon Music''s ''Picture Show'' that we just can''t put our finger on. Something about the lone figure on his hotel bed makes us want to run away to New York and stay the night in a seedy motel room. Failing that, we''ll just look at the picture some more.

  • Norah Jones ''Little Broken Hearts'': Norah Jones is full on rocking the retro glamour on the cover for "Little Broken Hearts." The femme fatale image is flawless, with Jones looking like she''ll be the one leaving a trail of little broken hearts behind her. The homage to ''Mudhoney'' also does not go unnoticed.

  • Azealia Banks ''Fantasea'': Azealia Banks'' album artwork has been described as "Disney meets Daria" and we think that''s the perfect description. "Fantasea" displays that mix of quirky and cute and sums up Banks'' music in the best possible way. Plus, who wouldn''t want to be a mermaid?

  • The Flaming Lips ''The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends'': Don''t recognise this one? That''s because The Flaming Lips ensured that every album cover for their record ''The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends'' would be different. The artwork for the collaboration album is randomly generated by a computer, and every copy of the limited edition vinyl release has its own unique pattern. Fantastic!

  • Saint Etienne ''Words And Music'': And the best album artwork of the year so far award (which is a bit of a mouthful) would have to go to Saint Etienne, for ''Words and Music''." The map is made by art consultancy Dorothy and was originally a song map. However, Saint Etienne approached the band and asked them to make the map based on selected song titles and with a layout based on Croydon. The result, Dorothy says, reads like "the record collection we wish we had" and that''s a claim we agree with.

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