Students discuss 'egging' plan on Twitter
michael baggs
10:10 28th January 2013

One Direction star Harry Styles had a lucky escape from Glasgow students during a visit to a university campus, with a number of individuals discussing plans to attack the star with eggs while he stayed there.

Styles was allegedly visiting a friend staying in university's halls when some other students got wind of the planned visit.

Unfortunately the student in question decided to share his plans with the world via Twitter, making the covert operation a little tricky to pull off.

"Harry Styles is apparently visiting a mate at our halls, we're going to try and egg him the massive queer," Tweeted Tom Marsh.

A friend replied, "no way, seriously? Get a hit on the f**ker's nose from me," to which Marsh said, "Yeah, some girl he went to school with is 2 blocks up from us. Full police escort and everything, bumder."

But supporters of Styles and One Direction were quick to jump in and put the students in their place.

"Y'all need to stop hating on him, cause he got far more in life than you did," Directioner Updates tweeted at the lads.

How the planned egging actually worked out is still unclear, but Marsh was quick to retweet 1D Updates' post, "apparently Harry jumped out of the kitchen window to escape being egged as there are people outside the block trying to see him."

The other lads apparently turn to Harry for love advice

Harry is unlikely to be too upset by the students tweets considering the hordes of fans he's quickly amassing.

Over the weekend it emerged that not only is he 1D's resident ladies man, but he's also the group's in-house romance advisor, offering words of wisdom on his bandmates' romantic endeavours.

But, as if to remind us he's not that different from everyone else, it also emerged that the one person he confides in about his love conquests is his mum.

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