'It Wasn't Me' star still alive and kicking
michael baggs
10:49 24th January 2013

Rumours of reggae superstar Shaggy's death appear to have been greatly exaggerated, with the news today that the singer is very much alive.

Earlier this week rumours began circulating online that the singer had been involved in a bar fight during which he was stabbed and subsequently died.

But it wasn't him (sorry), with a representative for the star telling TMZ, "I can happily report that he's [Shaggy] alive and kicking and in the same building as me right now as we speak."

The rumours had fans scouring the net for confirmation of his reported demise after #RIPShaggy began trending on Twitter in the US.

One person even turned to Wiki Answers to ask "Is the singer Shaggy really dead?"

The top rated answer is currently "Shaggy's not dead, he just came out with a new song called: 'What's Love' by Akon feat. Shaggy"

Bizarrely this isn't the first time Shaggy, real name Orville Richard Burrell, has had to deny hoax death reports.

Last April rumours of his death spread across the net when the phrase RIPShaggy started trending across Twitter.

Shaggy is perhaps most famous for his hit 'It Wasn't Me', which reached number one in the UK and US as well has his songs 'Bombastic' and 'Oh Carolina'.

Shaggy performing at his 42nd birthday

His 1995 album Bombastic won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae album.

Hopefully Shaggy won't take the repeated attempts to convince the world of his death to personally.

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