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The Stone Roses have written 'a couple of songs' for new album

Brett Anderson of Suede confirms new tracks


The Stone Roses have written 'a couple of songs' for new album


The Stone Roses have begun working on a new album, claims Suede frontman Brett Anderson, who himself is making a comeback in 2013.

The Britpop frontman claims to have had confirmation of new tracks from Mani of the band, who spoke to Anderson about plans for The Stone Roses third album.

Anderson tells the NME: "I spoke to Mani a couple of months ago - I saw him at a party - and he said they'd written a couple of songs."

However, despite his (and our) excitement at a new Stone Roses album, Anderson says that there may be some wait until anyone hears any new material from the Manchester icons.

"I'd love to hear some new stuff from them," he adds. "They were a really special band and i've got a lot of goodwill for them. It'll be nice to hear. Whether it's soon is another matter."

Bloodsports is Suede's first album in ten years

Anderson is back on the scene with Suede, who release their new album Bloodsports in March, 2013.

Speaking of the new album, Anderson also explains that the new album is: "About lust, it's about the chase, it's about the endless carnal game of love."

Towards the end of last year it was revealed that the band were in the studio working on new music, and just before Christmas they confirmed they'd play a show at Alexandra Palace to coincide with their album's release.

Since the New Year the band have released new track 'Barriers' as a free download for fans.

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