Adele comes third in new study
Grace Carroll

08:15 15th January 2013

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A new survey conducted by internet providers Plusnet has shown that British music fans are 'most proud' of The Beatles and Queen.

The survey showed that 71% of music fans named the British musicians that they're most proud of as The Beatles and Queen, thinking them a credit to the country.

Adele came third, with 48% of the vote, and was followed by Pink Floyd and Oasis rounding off the top five, with 46% and 32% respectively.

And two thirds of Brits, which is 64%, agreed that they are definitely proud of the country's musical heritage.

Jamie Ford, Plusnet CEO, said: "With pride being at the centre everything we do and music being one of the most popular things streamed and downloaded on our award-winning broadband we thought it would be interesting to see which artists the country took pride in.

"It's fascinating to see that it's the bands that have been successful over a period of time, rather than the most contemporary artists, which have topped the poll.

Adele's new Golden Globe will only add to Britain's pride, we assume

However, Adele is reportedly terrified of her upcoming rumoured Oscar performance. 

The singer is reportedly set to sing the theme to Skyfall at the Oscars next month, at a celebration of the James Bond franchise's 50th anniversary and is 'petrified'.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday, "Adele is petrified of her comeback performance. She's been a recluse over the last year being a mum and she knows the whole world will be watching. She's been working flat-out to perfect her performance and rebuild her confidence."

Below, watch the video for 'Skyfall':

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