Sources have said that the deal is a go
michael baggs
11:17 14th January 2013

Britney Spears is said to be jetting off for a Las Vegas residency, in a move that will reportedly net the singer a whopping $100million for a year's work.

The star has been speaking to one of the Caesar group properties in order to appear in a residency - similar to the ones that Celine Dion and Shania Twain have done previously at Caesars Palace.

According to TMZ, sources have told them that on Britney's side, "The deal is a go. There are several stipulations that could throw a monkey wrench in the deal, but it's basically done."

They added that one of the issues is whether Britney will be simply performing onstage multiple nights a week, or whether she will also make appearances around the hotel - for example at functions, nightclubs and pool clubs.

The source went on to say that Britney's paycheck would be 'astronomical', and she would be getting more than $100 million a year - which is the amount that Celine Dion received.

An insider had previously spoken to the Las Vegas Sun about the plans, telling the paper, "She is the one and only logical all-around star with a full touring production spectacular made for Las Vegas now that hotels and nightclubs are partnering up to land the biggest talents."

The Las Vegas strip - apparently set to be Britney's new home

They continued, "Britney has one very real proposal on the table, but now that it's definite she's leaving X Factor with a Las Vegas show finally in her future, it's likely there will be a bidding war by other properties on and just off the Strip."

Friends of Britney are hoping that the routine would keep her busy, and take her mind off her recent split from fiance Jason Trawick.

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