Star calls track 'a moment of bliss'
michael baggs
16:12 9th January 2013

Lady Gaga admitted how much she loves David Bowie's new single today, calling it 'a moment of bliss'.

The 'Born This Way' singer took to her Twitter account today to share her feelings on the 'Where Are We Now?', and certainly seemed to be enjoying it as much as everyone else is.

She told her 32+ million followers, "laying in bed high listening to Bowies new song. A moment of bliss I never thought Id have again. Listening to new bowie for the first time."

The song is already number one on the UK iTunes store, and gained the number one spot less than a day after its release.

This isn't the first time that Gaga has spoken about being a fan of Bowie, previously admitting that she modelled her quirky look on the British legend.

In 2009, she told MTV host Alexa Chung, "I used to like sit in my apartment for hours and do his make-up on myself over and over again."

Lady Gaga mimicking Bowie's iconic lightning makeup from the cover of Aladdin Sane

David Bowie's producer recently opened up about the new album, promising fans that it will be a mixture of 'classic and innovative'.

He also assured fans that Bowie is in good health, telling BBC News, "We all know he had a health scare in 2003, 2004. But ... David is extremely healthy, he's rosy-cheeked [and] he smiles a lot ...

"He still has that power in that chest and in his voice ... When he starts singing [I] have to back off, and go into another room and just leave him in front of a microphone."

Listen to David Bowie's new single 'Where Are We Now?' below:

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