Track titled 'If You're Never Gonna Move' in the US
michael baggs
14:33 19th December 2012

Jessie Ware had to rename her single '110%' for its upcoming US release, due to the use of a clip from a Big Pun track.

The song was inspired by Big Pun's post-humous release '100%', which was released in 2000 despite the rapper dying from a heart attack a month earlier.

'110%' uses a loop from Big Pun song 'Dreams Shattered', including the lyrics "Carvin' my initials on your forehead" which have now been changed to "Coming on a mission like a warhead."

Speaking to Billboard, Jessie said, "We had to be imaginative and change the words. It's annoying but it always happens."

She added that she'd only titled the song '110%' as a tongue in cheek reference to the Pun song, saying, "I thought I could top it."

For the US release, the song has been retitled 'If You're Never Gonna Move', which is the same as the title of the US exclusive EP. The EP will also include a remix of the single, as well as a cover of Bobby Caldwell song 'Why You Won't Do For Love', 'Devotion' and 'Sweet Talk'.

Big Pun at the Super Bowl XLI Party in Miami, in 2007

Speaking about the release of the EP, Jessie said, "There will be a song off the album on there, and then some extras. I just think it's quite a fun way to start the year in America.

They [the people of America] can expect a lot of me talking about love and exploring how to make an album - there's loads of genres in there.

"I've got so many influences in there, so I've tried to combine them all into a big melting pot and hope it works."

Watch the video for 'If You're Never Gonna Move' below:

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