TV legend discusses friendship with star
michael baggs
10:20 19th December 2012

David Attenborough and Bjork are such good friends that the natural history presenter even calls her 'honey'.

Admittedly, it's because he can't quite pronounce her name, but even so - Attenborough had already recorded a narration for the iPad app to go along with Bjork's latest album, Biophilia, and now it's Bjork's turn to help him out. 

The two recently teamed up together to film a documentary about music in nature, such as whale noises, and got on extremely well.

According to The Sun, Attenborough said of the singer, "I called her 'honey'. She is really quite enchanting."

Bjork is undergoing a six date residence in Paris next year, with four of the shows taking place in a circus tent.

David Attenborough with another A-list friend, Cameron Diaz

Cirque en Chantier will provide the audience with an intimate performance, as "no audience member [will be] more than a few metres from the stage."

The other two dates will take place in Le Zenith, which is due to be set out in a similar way. According to Bjork's website, " all concerts will be performed in the round, with the audience seated in a full circle around the stage."

The website adds, "at Le Zenith this will be the first time this is ever done at the legendary venue."

Watch Bjork's 'Moon' below:

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