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10:20 19th December 2012

David Attenborough and Bjork are such good friends that the natural history presenter even calls her 'honey'.

Admittedly, it's because he can't quite pronounce her name, but even so - Attenborough had already recorded a narration for the iPad app to go along with Bjork's latest album, Biophilia, and now it's Bjork's turn to help him out. 

The two recently teamed up together to film a documentary about music in nature, such as whale noises, and got on extremely well.

According to The Sun, Attenborough said of the singer, "I called her 'honey'. She is really quite enchanting."

Bjork is undergoing a six date residence in Paris next year, with four of the shows taking place in a circus tent.

David Attenborough with another A-list friend, Cameron Diaz

Cirque en Chantier will provide the audience with an intimate performance, as "no audience member [will be] more than a few metres from the stage."

The other two dates will take place in Le Zenith, which is due to be set out in a similar way. According to Bjork's website, " all concerts will be performed in the round, with the audience seated in a full circle around the stage."

The website adds, "at Le Zenith this will be the first time this is ever done at the legendary venue."

Watch Bjork's 'Moon' below:

Coldplay & Jay-Z, Bieber & Tyler the Creator: Weirdest Friendships In Music

  • Tyler the Creator and Justin Bieber

    Strangely a Bieber fan before Odd Future even became famous (so not a publicity stunt or show of irony), Tyler has spoken of teaming up with Justin one day.

    In return, Bieber has been banned from ever talking to the rapper on Twitter (whose account name is @fucktyler).

  • Jay-Z and Coldplay

    Chris Martin recently said that people are jealous of him being friends with Jay-Z.

    I find it hard to think that Jay could return such sentiments.

  • Johnny Marr and The Cribs

    You know that awkward moment when your "cool uncle" asks to see your band play, well imagine if he went a tid bit further and outright asked to join the band.

    Well consider your "cool uncle" actually being your former hero and Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. I think The Cribs only said "yes" partly because they wanted to assemble a band of the worst dyed black hair in music.

  • Lou Reed and Metallica

    Ever wanted to hear the sound of a rockstar stabbing his fans straight in the heart? Well on Lou Reed and Metallica's new album 'Lulu' you can experience this doubly so.

    But they weren't just collaborators, no Lou even regards them as "soulmates". N'aweee old love.

  • Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue

    This is a fact: these two worlds-apart musicians have shared the same room as each other and even recorded a song together.

    Australia must really be upside down.

  • Kanye West and La Roux, Mr Hudson, everyone else ever.

    Sometimes Kanye's judgement isn't so good. Teaming up with Bon Iver - yes, great. Taking on Frank Ocean - also a brill decision. But being chummy with the very worst of British electropop isn't up there with the good moments.

  • Bon Iver and Rick Ross

    When Bon Iver discussed how his participation of Yeezy's 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' came about, he said that he spent most of the recording session smoking spliff with heavyweight rapper Rick Ross.

    We at Gigwise just can't get our heads around this image, but I guess it is a Wednesday morning so let us off.

  • N-Dubz's Dappy and Queen's Brian May

    Some things the world just doesn't want. Like war or chocolate beer (which, sadly, I have actually tasted - and it is not as good as it sounds).

    This recently-revealed friendship and possible collab is another thing we don't need on our plates.

  • Snoop Dogg and Charlie Sheen

    Sorry guys, but nobody can come out #winning in this combo.

  • Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

    Oh, this is a friendship that has since turned sour.

    Jacko was so in love with The Beatles that he bought the rights to their entire back catalogue. And then sold most of it bit by bit. And failed to leave the rest to Sir Paul in his will. Yikes.

  • Peaches Geldof and Marilyn Manson

    Earlier this year Geldof posted a picture of herself, Manson and ex-boyfriend Eli Roth eating a meal for Jewish holiday Passover.

    Let's hope you hear nothing about this ever again.

  • Charles Manson and the Beach Boys

    Another, albeit way creepier, Manson case.

    Serial killer Charles Manson befriended the 60s band before committing a series of murders, and was even convinced that the band's song (written before they met) were about him.

    Not exactly the groupie you particularly would want to attract, is it?

  • Cheryl Cole and will.I.AM

    Can anybody work out what is going on with these two?

    Answers on a really really big postcard, please.

  • Cher Lloyd and Lil Wayne

    All looked promising for Cheryl Cole's protege immediately after X-Factor ended last year. She was hanging out with Lil Wayne and tipped to break America.

    What happened, eh? Now she's writing nursery rhymes about Mick Jagger. Or something like that.

  • Ke$ha and Alice Cooper

    These two recently teamed up. They probably bonded during the five hours they each spent in the make-up room.

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