Band to spend next year recording - not releasing
michael baggs
16:34 17th December 2012

Enter Shikari have said that there'll be no new music from them in 2013, but that they'll be underway recording a new album by this time next year.

The band have had a hugely successful 2012, starting the year with a top ten album. However, the band have now revealed they had no plans to release any new material until 2014.

"The first half of the year will be spent finishing up the tour," said bassist Chris Batten in an interview with Gigwise. "Half a year's quite a lot touring really.

"And then for us it takes us about 18 months to do a solid album really because we're lucky enough to go to a lot of places really, so it does take us a fair while."

"But towards the end, and in the second half of the year we'll be focusing on the next record.

"We won't have anything released next year but we'll definitely have been in the studio."

Enter Shikari on stage at Leeds Festival this year

Enter Shikari have had what Chris describes as "pretty much a perfect year", and one which he struggles to pick a single highlight from.

They released their third album way back in January this year.

"It's amazing for the album to be getting on to album of the year lists now, when it came out all the way back in January," he added.

When pushed for a personal highlight, Chris mentions the band's trip to South Africa.

"We were lucky enough to go to South Africa," he says. "We went and played Oppi Koppi festival and that was just amazing."

So while the band will be spending a lot of 2013 on the road, we'll be keeping a watchful eye out for news of their next studiop release, and we can rest assured that at least the band will be doing what they love.

"The best thing about music is the live energy, that's what we really love."

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