Simon Cowell would love the singer to be on the show
michael baggs
12:35 16th December 2012

Simon Cowell has reportedly asked Rihanna to be an X Factor judge, on either the UK or the US version of the show.

Viewing figures for this series' final were the lowest ever, and it's thought that Cowell is going to give the show a makeover - including a new celebrity judge.

The Sun reports that a source said, "Simon is a huge admirer of Rihanna and knows she's star quality.

"As well as bringing an aura to the panel thanks to her current standing in music, she is also feisty and will make great TV. Simon loves these sort of characters."

Cowell is also thinking about bringing Chris Brown onto the show. The controversial singer would definitely get people talking about the show, although not necessarily in a good way.

The source added, "The US X Factor has improved on the first season's ratings but it's got some way to go to reach Simon's expectations. Adding Chris to the panel will certainly create a talking point."

Rihanna and Chris Brown could be 2013 X Factor judges

Rihanna was recently confirmed as one of the headliners for T in the Park, which proved to evoke a mixed response from fans.

"The script and rihanna at T in the Park, rather die to be fair," tweeted Declan Healy, while SSor agreed, saying: "hahahahaha the t in the park 2013 line up looks so shite."

"The T in the Park is line-up is, predictably enough, dreadful," says writer and blogger John Reid - and people didn't seem to be fans of indie-folk band Mumford & Sons' announcement either.

"So Mumford & sons and Rhianna are headlining T in the park? What a crock of p*ss. Wouldn't pay to see either," added Highliand Yid.

Listen to Rihanna and Chris Brown's 'Nobody's Business' duet below

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