Norwegian duo preview live version of new single
Grace Carroll
10:54 30th November 2012

Royksopp have revealed new single, 'Running To The Sea', a collaboration with Susanne Sundfør. Listen to the track below.

Described as a Norwegian monster with two heads, dealing within the realm of contemporary electronic music, Royksopp are at their best with 'Running To The Sea'. 

The band frequently work with different vocalists - previously featuring stars such as Robyn and Lykke Li in their songs - but this is their first time collaborating with Sundfor.

Royksopp said, ""For a long time we've been considering an artist collaboration with Susanne Sundfør, and the final anniversary show of NRK Lydverket turned out to be the ideal time and place.

"Initially, we thought about performing a pure cover version, but the chemistry and vibes between the three of us was out of the ordinary, which led us to put together a new track from scratch."

'Running To The Sea' is warm, calming and melodic - not so much running to the sea, as letting it wash over you... until it all gets a little rough. The song amps up the beat until the ballad turns into a storming electropop pounder.

Listen below:

Photo: WENN