Happy Mondays frontman believes he has seen proof that UFOs are real - and it's not the drugs
michael baggs
09:44 28th November 2012

Happy Mondays legend, Shaun Ryder, is certain that he has spotted a series of Unidentified Flying Objects as well as seeing some amazing footage of aliens whilst out in Chile.

When filming his forthcoming History Channel show, Shaun Ryder on UFOs, Ryder told The Sun: "Chile is the f****** UFO capital of the world. The Chilean Air Force - they don't keep anything secret, man."

The former King of the jungle is adament that his wild drug-fuelled past has nothing to do with his experience in South America.

Ryder said of the aliens: "They're coming down to the ground and when they see that they've been spotted they go back up to the sky. That's authenticated footage. And no, it's not the drugs talking."

Happy Mondays play at The Roundhouse this December

Ryder will be back down to earth with the Happy Mondays next month, who perform at The Roundhouse in Camden on December 19 and 20 with special guests 808 Soundsystem.

Ryder has somewhat sarcastically promised the band will be playing all their hits with some added seasonal cheer. He said: "It will be Christmassy. I’m gonna dress as Santa on stage. Do you believe that? No? Good."

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