Set at London's O2 arena was 35 minutes too long
michael baggs
08:24 27th November 2012

The Rolling Stones are said to be facing a £200k fine after their London O2 Arena gig on the weekend overran curfew by 35 minutes.

The show was part of the band's comeback, and one of the 50 And Counting performances, and was due to end at 10.30pm in order to not break the curfew.

Instead, the Rolling Stones kept playing until 11.05pm by giving encores, which broke the council's rules and left them open to a fine.

The Stones are likely to make £15 million from the gigs, however, so a £200,000 fine will seem more like pocket change to the aging rockers.

Bernard Doherty, the band's agent, told The Sun, "It means a big fine - but the guys just do their thing.

"There wasn't a janitor standing there, jangling his keys, saying. 'I want to go home.'"

The Rolling Stones, live (2006)

During the show, frontman Mick Jagger mentioned the curfew, joking that they would have to 'get a move on' in order to finish their set.

Because the concert ended late, some fans were left stranded as the Jubilee line on the tube closes at 11.45pm. 

A spokesperson for Travel For London said, "Services on the Jubilee line operated well last night however the concert finished around 50 minutes later than scheduled.

"Our staff worked tirelessly and even held the last few trains to ensure that as many customers as possible were able to catch the Tube but appreciate that a small number of customers would have had to have found an alternative journey home."

Watch a video of the concert below.

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