'She had her a*se out and everything'
Grace Carroll
16:01 26th November 2012

An Irish girl attacked Jake Bugg at a late-night drinking session, which ended with Bugg's support act getting punched in the face.

Natalie Findlay of Findlay, a solo act, told the story on Smart On Sunday - and the violence took place at a Travelodge. Who says that Jake Bugg can't be rock 'n' roll?

Findlay said, "We were having a late one up in Newcastle. The mini-bar was getting hammered and it went on until 5am.

"An Irish girl was totally out of control.

"She'd had her arse out and everything. It kicked off and I got in the middle of it and took a punch for Jake. He owes me."

Jake Bugg: apparently incites Irish girls to get violent.

The 18-year-old singer also spoke to This Is Nottingham about his recent US tour, with none other than Noel Gallagher. Now that's more the sort of gig we could see getting out of hand.

However, talking about Noel, Jake said, "I had a little chat with him 'n' that. We talked quite a bit about football. My team's Notts County but I haven't seen them since last season when they played Carlisle.

"We won 2-0 – that was great. Whenever I'm back in Notts they always seem to be playing away."

Watch Jake Bugg's current video 'Two Fingers' below.

Photos: Jake Bugg and more big, new names on the guitar scene

  • Jake Bugg: The singer-songwriter is currently beating Leona Lewis and Bat For Lashes to the number one album spot - with his debut album. His self-titled album has been described by Clash as 'precocious talent fusing retro folk with blistering contemporary rock riffs.' Not bad for a 18-year-old.

  • Jehnny Beth: Better known as Jehn Savage, of the band Savages, Jehn is known for both an aggressive and austere stage presence. Savages are bringing back violence into songs, and we can't wait to hear more. Listen to them, and become intrigued.

  • Jordi Davieson: The frontman of Australian indie pop band San Cisco, Davieson (second from left) has gone on record saying their band's sudden success is down to luck. We'd say it's talent, but each to their own. San Cisco's self titled debut album is officially released next month, and we'll be sure to pick it up and give it a listen.

  • Joe Newman: Who hasn't heard about Alt-J lately? The band have been experiencing a wave of well deserved success and we don't think it's one that's going to go away any time soon. Alt-J (NOT to be mistaken for Union J) are currently the favourites to win the 2012 Mercury Prize. Fingers crossed, Joe!

  • Tom Burke: Don't forget the exclamation point on Citizens! name, or you might be talking about a different band. Tom Burke (second from left) is part of the five-piece, who had their debut album produced by Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand fame. Their indie credentials definitely hold up.

  • Guy Connelly: Clock Opera are one of the few bands with a name so good that we wish we'd thought of it first, and Connelly is the man responsible for it. He also wrote all the lyrics for debut album 'Ways to Forget', which is getting good reviews across the board. Connelly also does remixes for other artists under the same name, so keep an eye out.

  • Leo Dobson & Ben Romans-Hopcraft: Hailing from Brit indie group Childhood, Donson and Romans-Hopcraft are co-frontmen in one of the most exciting bands around at the moment. We're absolutely certain that they're going to shake up the current indie scene - and it's about time, too.

  • Lucy Rose: After contributing to two Bombay Bicycle Club albums, Rose went solo and released her own debut album Like I Used To last month. She's done the festival circuit, sells her own blend of tea at shows and has been named a breakout star of 2012 by none other than Vogue.

  • Vincent Neff: Django Django (according to the band themselves, "absolutely nothing to do with Django Reinhardt") released their debut album in January this year and is another contender for the 2012 Mercury Prize. Frontman Neff must be chuffed, then.

  • Wesley Schultz: Schultz (centre) said to the New York Times in 1992 that he wanted to be an artist, explaining: "I spend a lot of time on my drawings and it turns out good 'cause I've been practising a lot." Awww. It must have paid off, because The Lumineers are definitely on the rise.

  • Samantha Urbani: the Friends vocalist (and we mean the band, not the TV show) contributes strongly to the sound of the band - and that sound is one of the most anticipated this year. Described as "something that sounds only of itself, even as the echoes of the past flit through the songs" (err, okay) there's no doubt that Urbani is going to become a star.

  • Tom Dougall: Dougall formed Toy in 2010 but the band have only recently started gaining the buzz they deserve. They were picked as one of NME's "100 New Bands You Have to Hear" in January and we'd definitely agree.

  • Sam Fryer: Signed by Rough Trade just in July this year, the Palma Violets have been on the up and up ever since. Hailed 'the best new band in Britain' by NME, it's nothing short of amazing that they manage to live up to the hype. One of the best live bands in ages, to be honest - although they've got stiff competition for the 'best new band' label.

  • King Krule: Formerly known as Zoo Kid, Krule is quickly gaining hype (he's been played on BBC Radio 6, so that's how you KNOW he must be cool). But don't just take our word for it (or the BBC's, for that matter) - if you head over to his Soundcloud, you can listen to track 'Octopus' for yourself. Prepare to be impressed.

  • Ric Phethean: Frontman of Falmouth trio Tall Ships, the band just sold out a headline show at XOYO and so are clearly in demand. Their new album 'Everything Touching' is one of the best we've heard all year.

  • Johnny Lloyd: The Tribes frontman LOOKS like a rock star, music aside. Maybe it's 'cause they're from Camden or maybe it's just some inherent coolness that we're jealous of, but Lloyd certainly has that something-something that frontmen need. Or maybe it's that odd leopard print cardie.

  • Zachary Cole Smith: Tiny and blonde, Smith (right) gives every impression of adorable. But don't let that fool you - go see DIIV live and you'll be blown away by their expansive sound.

  • Dylan Baldi: Cloud Nothings were originally frontman Baldi's solo project, and were signed as a one man band in 2010 - although three other members have since been added. And the band are going from strength to strength - album 'Attack On Nothing' was the first album in 2012 to receive Best New Music status on Pitchfork.

  • Marius D Hagen: Hagen is single-handedly responsible for band Team Me!'s accidental success. Hagen ended up in the finals of the Norwegian National Radio NRK P3's best new band/song contest and had to put a band together as quickly as possible before the finals. Judging by how well they're doing now, we'd say it was worth it.

  • Fred Macpherson: You know you've made it when a fan gets a tattoo of your face. Spector frontman Fred Macpherson has been all over lately, from the aforementioned fan's neck tattoo to his stint on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. We expect we'll be seeing a lot more of him.

  • Harrison Koisser: Frontman of another band to gain the 'most exciting...' moniker, Harrison Koisser is guitarist and vocalist for Birmingham band Peace. Debut EP 'Delicious' is brilliant, and we can't wait to hear more them - and we're expecting a lot of excitement ahead.

  • Lewis Watson: Another musical prodigy over here - if they weren't so good we'd be jealous. Watson is only 19 and has already been compared to Ed Sheeran. He's got over 2 million hits on YouTube, and has posted pictures on his Tumblr of hanging out pop sensation Harry Styles. Plus he's got 36,000 followers on Twitter. And we're still not jealous. Really.

  • Frankie Rose: No newcomer to the music scene, Rose has been in acclaimed groups Dum Dum Girls and the Vivian Girls before, but is now gaining notoriety as a solo artist. Her second full length album 'Interstellar' was released earlier this year, and is definitely worth checking out.

  • Brittany Howard: The singer and guitarist of the old school American rock band, The Alabama Shakes, has gained attention from all over due to her soulful voice. The Shakes, who are BFFs (sort of) with Jack White, are doing their best to live up to the hype. Let's hope their next album is even better than their debut Boys & Girls.

  • Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir & Ragnar 'Raggi' Thorhallsson: Icelandic musicians Nanna and Ragnar are from the brilliant band Of Monsters and Men. Their single 'Little Talks' was a commercial success, reaching the Top 20 in over five countries. Better start learning how to properly pronounce their names, then...

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