'She had her a*se out and everything'
michael baggs
16:01 26th November 2012

An Irish girl attacked Jake Bugg at a late-night drinking session, which ended with Bugg's support act getting punched in the face.

Natalie Findlay of Findlay, a solo act, told the story on Smart On Sunday - and the violence took place at a Travelodge. Who says that Jake Bugg can't be rock 'n' roll?

Findlay said, "We were having a late one up in Newcastle. The mini-bar was getting hammered and it went on until 5am.

"An Irish girl was totally out of control.

"She'd had her arse out and everything. It kicked off and I got in the middle of it and took a punch for Jake. He owes me."

Jake Bugg: apparently incites Irish girls to get violent.

The 18-year-old singer also spoke to This Is Nottingham about his recent US tour, with none other than Noel Gallagher. Now that's more the sort of gig we could see getting out of hand.

However, talking about Noel, Jake said, "I had a little chat with him 'n' that. We talked quite a bit about football. My team's Notts County but I haven't seen them since last season when they played Carlisle.

"We won 2-0 – that was great. Whenever I'm back in Notts they always seem to be playing away."

Watch Jake Bugg's current video 'Two Fingers' below.

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