Beyonce's sister to play London's XOYO
michael baggs
15:12 23rd November 2012

Solange Knowles, younger sister of Beyonce, has announced that she will play a one-off London show to promote her new EP True.

The show at XOYO will take place on January 16th next year.

The singer releases her single 'Losing You' next week, her debut on Terrible Records.

Despite having a world famous popstar sister, Solange has choosen her own music path, and has even recently been accused of being a hipster and pigeon holing her music. She rebuffed the claims in an interview with the Guardian, saying: "Hipster? I despise that word!"

The True EP will be the first official release since her 2008 album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St Dreams, which reached number nine in the US Billboard charts.

Solange DJing at club Arkadia in Miami

Since the release of Sol-Angel, Solange has parted ways with Geffen Records, and begun to work with Terrible Records, founded by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor.

This has been seen as partly responsible for the hipster label that's recently been attached to her.

Solange has been praised for leaving behind the pop sensibilities of her early works, and that typify her sister's work, and instead embracing braver, more innovative musical style.

Listen to Solange's latest track, 'Lovers In The Parking Lot' below

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