Plaintiffs claimed Madonna could affect birth rates
Grace Carroll

09:12 23rd November 2012

Madonna has avoided further Russian legal concerns after a case against the star for promoting homesexuality in the country was thrown out of court.

Anti-gay activists were trying to claim $10 million in compensation about Madonna apparently promoted homosexuality at her St Petersburg concert.

A law in St Petersburg imposes fines for spreading homosexual propaganda, and the activists claimed that Madonna was in breach of the law and that she had traumatised minors by speaking up for gay rights at the concert.

Madonna asked supporters of gay rights to raise their hands while wearing a pink bracelet, and the activists also used a video in their lawsuit that showed Madonna stomping on an Orthodox cross.

Plaintiffs claimed that Madonna's 'homosexual propaganda' would affect the birth rates in Russia and deprive the country of future soldiers - which led to the judge threatening to make journalists leave the court if they laughed too much.

The judge did not explain his decision, and also said that the activists should compensate the concert's organisers' legal expenses.

Madonna, at the St Petersburg concert earlier this year

One of the plaintiffs, activist Darya Dedova, said: "Who will children grow up to be if they hear about the equal rights of the lesbian lobby and manly love with traditional sexual relations? The death rate prevails over the birth rate in the West; young guys are becoming gender neutral.

"We aren't against homosexual people, but we are against the propaganda of perversion among minors.

"We want to defend the values of a traditional family, which are currently in crisis in this country. Madonna violated our laws and she should be punished."

Madonna did not attend the trial and her publicist said that Madonna wouldn't comment on the case. The star has previously referred to the law as a "ridiculous atrocity."

Watch Madonna's full St Petersburg speech below:

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