MEN Arena gig ends after five songs
michael baggs
22:43 13th November 2012

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers last night (13 November, 2012) was forced to quit the band's Manchester gig after just five songs, blaming a sore throat on his decision to end the show.

Flowers left thousands of fans at the MEN Arena in Manchester disappointed when Flowers told the audience that his throat had 'gone' and left the stage. A spokesman for the band is then reported to have take to the stage to announce that the show would not resume.

"They played Mr Brightside and it sounded fine. I thought it was going to be great," says Katherine Vine, a reporter for the Manchester Evening News. "But after the third song, Smile Like You Mean It, Brandon said that his voice had gone and that he had a Chinese remedy drink so he would take that.

"They started the fourth song but he didn't sing a lot of it and was motioning to the rest of the band that he could not carry on," Vine added in a report for the paper. "They left the stage and then a bloke came out and said that the gig was cancelled."

Flowers was unable to continue at tonight's MEN show (13 November, 2012)

Fans booed the Battle Born frontman after the show was ended early, but many took to Twitter to share messages of support for the 'Smile Like You Mean' it singer.

@BlueCandy tweeted: "All those 'fans' slagging off The Killers and Brandon Flowers, you can go do one!!! You're the jumped up pr*cks. "

‏@megatron1189 said: "So upset that Brandon Flowers couldn't carry on. He is awesome and those people that booed shouldn't be allowed to witness his beauty."

@Mallen_14 sent well wishes to the star, saying: "Completely gutted @thekillers only doing 4 songs. Feel better soon @BrandonFlowers :( x"

Watch the band's new video, 'Miss Atomic Bomb' below

Photos: The Killers, live in London, September 2012