Australians bow out with hometown gig
michael baggs
16:54 12th November 2012

INXS have announced they are to bring an end to their 35-year career.

The Australians played their final gig last night in their hometown of Perth.

According to Perth Now, the announcement was made by the band's drummer, John Farriss, who confirmed the INXS would disband after the show.

Shortly after the show, frontman, Ciaran Gribbin took to the band's facebook page to address fans, but was reluctant to officially confirm the split.

He said: "Dear friends, I know a lot of you are concerned and want clarification on what happened at the INXS gig last night in Perth.

"As I write this most of INXS are on a plane flying from Perth to Sydney."

The singer went on to say that there would be an announcement from the band in the near future.

"Please try and be patient as the Band plan to release a full statement on the subject ASAP. I'm sorry I can't say anymore at this time and hope this helps ease a few worries and concerns."

It is widely expected that the band will release a full statement tomorrow, which will confirm the split once and for all.

INXS performing in Canada in 2011

The news will come as a shock to many INCS fans. Just last month the band's keyboardist, Andrew Farriss revealed he had been writing new material for the band.

He told Billboard: "I've got maybe four, five new tracks I'm happy with, and there's a lot of other material.

"This particular line-up of INXS is really- we're on a winner, I think, with this one. It's looking really, really positive."

But the impending split brings an end to a career that saw its peak during the late 80s and early 90s.

Their 1987 album 'Kick' was hailed as a classic of its era and included singles such as 'Need You Tonight', 'New Sensation', and 'Suicide Blonde'.

See the video for classic INXS single 'Need You Tonight' below.