Wannabe doesn't care about 'green eyed monster'
michael baggs
11:45 7th November 2012

Unlikely X Factor favourite Christopher Maloney has responded to recent claims that he has been voting for himself on this year's talent show, as made by show eliminee, Kye Sones.

Earlier this week, rejected contestant Kye Sones lashed out at Chris Maloney after his eviction from The X Factor. 

One of Chris's fans brought the comments to Chris's attention on Twitter, pointing out Sones' criticism of Maloney.

Chris responded simply saying, "hilarious."

Speaking to The Sun, Kye admitted that he thinks Christopher is completely fake and a different person when the cameras are on him.

He said, "All of us have got really close and then you've got Chris. We've been a really strong group and he's been an outsider - and that's nothing to do with any of us lot.

"He's very tactical. There are two different people - one when cameras are there and one when they're not there. Everyone is the same person off and on camera, apart from Chris - and that's why it's frustrating for all the contestants."

Kye also claimed that he thinks Chris is voting for himself. When asked by The Sun how Christopher managed to stay out of the bottom two, Kye responded, "God knows. He must have an expensive phone bill!"

Kye Sones and Chris Maloney - using fellow contestant Jahmene Douglas as a barrier.

The Mirror has since reported that Chris admits that he does vote himself, saying, "I have voted for myself a few times. So has everyone else - I doubt my calls have made much of a difference... if I had more credit on my phone I'd vote more."

However, the show's production staff reportedly find Chris to be desperate, with one source apparently saying, "I've seen him dialling and redialling his own number over and over again.

"It's sad really but he wants it that much he's spending a fortune."

Watch Kye sing for survival below:

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