Star curls up nude in black and white clip
Grace Carroll

16:24 5th November 2012

Paloma Faith is no stranger to odd antics, so her choice to strip off - and sit on a bare wood floor - in her latest video is definitely one of the least strange things she's done.

The video for her latest track, 'Just Be', shows scenes of the singer sat discreetly on a floor singing interspersed with a story about two fighting lovers. There's also a love scene in which Paloma's onscreen boyfriend takes her dress off. It all gets a bit heated...

Paloma has described the song as 'more honest' than other love songs, which are about staying in love forever - while this one focuses on how annoying someone else can be.

She says, as quoted by The Sun, "It's supposed to be a realistic love song for real lovers.

"It's saying, 'He gets on my nerves, but I love him.' I find that more endearing than, 'There's no one out there but him.' That seems naive.

"I have a lot of admiration for people who've been in relationships a long time, married for years. This is a more knowing take on romance."


Paloma Faith getting down to the bare essentials in 'Just Be'.

Paloma went on to talk about her own lovelife as inspiration for the clip, especially as she split from her long-term boyfriend last year.

She added, " I've just split up with my boy so I'm free, single and ready to mingle! I'm not looking for a new boyfriend as I'm just enjoying taking a few lovers.

"My assistant calls them 'sex deliveries'. I'm a serial monogamist and the longest time I'm had between relationships since I was 13 years old has been six months.

"I'm trying my best but it's proving very difficult for me as I fall in love very quickly. My mum keeps questioning me about who I am texting!"

Watch the video for 'Just Be' below:

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