Canadians take time out to 'grow beards'
michael baggs
09:32 26th October 2012

Arcade Fire have given fans an update on how their new album is progressing.

The band's drummer, Jeremy Gara, told Canadian radio station, CKCU 93.1, that the process is "coming along", despite forced to leave old church-based studio.

The Quebec church was the setting for the recording of third album 'The Suburbs' in 2010. Gara went on to explain how the indie stars have now found a new space where they are able to record on a 'full-time' basis.

He said: "Now we're in the studio pretty much full-time just doing what we do. And we kind of shut the door. We haven't really gone out and done anything in over a year now.

"We haven't done photos or interviews or anything. We're just working on music and growing beards and living at home a lot and going out to dinner together."

Arcade Fire performing at Hyde Park in 2011

He also admitted that the recording process isn't too far down the line, but said they had been working on the album for "a few months".

The 34-year-old added: "We are under no pressure from record labels or management or whatever to do anything on any sort of schedule.

"We're just working. We have no deadlines. It's kind of coming along."

The band debuted new track 'Crucified Again' at a gig in Haiti in March. And earlier this month a video of the performance was posted on the Canadians' Youtube account.

This followed the unveiling of another two new tracks- 'Abraham's Daughter', and 'Horn of Plenty', which were recorded for the soundtrack of blockbuster movie 'The Hunger Games'.

Win Butler and co. confirmed via their Twitter that the new album is set for a 2013 release.

The tweet read: "BREAKING! New Arcade Fire album coming next year, Mercury Records has confirmed."

They have since hinted that it is likely to be 'late next year' by the time their fourth record is released. And so far there has been no word on what the title of the record will be.

Most recent LP 'The Suburbs' was accompanied by triumphant headline performances at 2010's Reading and Leeds festivals.

The album was also the winner of Canada's equivalent to the Mercurys, The Polaris Music Prize last year.

See Arcade Fire performing new track 'Crucified Again' below.

Photos: Arcade Fire, live in 2011