Singer talks rival talent judge and acting ambitions
michael baggs
08:58 26th October 2012

Christina Aguilera has hit out at rival talent show judge Simon Cowell, calling the TV and music mogul 'a d*ck' over the way he speaks to X Factor contestants.

First of all, Aguilera - currently a judge on The Voice US - blasted Simon Cowell for being too mean to contestants on American Idol, despite the fact that she's said she doesn't actually watch it.

The 'Dirrrty' singer was speaking at the Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Music Conference when she admitted, "I've not actually seen a full episode of any of the other music shows.

She added, "I saw the commercials early on of American Idol of Simon being a d**k. I was like, 'Man, that's not what it's about!' I did't want to treat people like that.

"I wanted to do The Voice to show that we can be positive. We don't have to knock people down."

Christina Aguilera on The Voice: not being a d**k like Simon Cowell.

Aguilera also spoke about her acting ambitions, claiming that after she starred in Burlesque, it's made her want to play a more intense role - like maybe a crackhead. Really.

The conversation started with Aguilera saying, "I want to do more acting. I wat to do something where I can really sink my teeth into something a little more challenging. Really outside of myself, outside of music."

But then she turned to thinking of specific roles - and it seems she's aiming high. Aguilera finished by explaining that she wants her next role to be "honest and genuine" and "really really different."

She said: "A crackhead on the street or a drug addict. Or something crazy and meaty and juicy. Something that really took me out of myself."

Watch the video for Christina Aguilera's 'Your Body' below:

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