Australian dance stars discuss future plans
Michael Baggs

10:05 24th October 2012

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Following the No.1 success of their 'Good Morning To The Night' album in 2012, Pnau have revealed plans for more collaboration albums with Elton John.

The album hit the top of the UK album charts after its release in July this year. The album saw Australian duo Pnau sample tracks from Elton John's seventies releases to create all new tracks, including the album's title track - which was one of the official tracks of the London 2012 Olympics.

Now, producer Peter Mayes has spoken of plans to record a number of follow up albums, moving through the decades of Elton's work.

"We're actually doing another record with Elton. In fact, we're doing a couple of them but with a different era," he tells Gigwise. He also admits that despite progressing further into Elton's work, the sound will remain similar to the Good Morning To The Night album

"We'll always be drawing from the seventies because that was such a good time for his music, but in the early eighties obviously the sound changed an awful lot and he went a lot more electronic," he adds.

Pnau live in Sydney - the duo have a huge following in Australia

Mayes also says says that we would happily consider working on similar projects with different artists, naming David Bowie as his first choice for future collaborations.

"In terms of other artists I would love to do it with other artists, like Bowie. Without making it sound like a greatest hits remix record, it would have to be with someone who had made a lot of music," he says. "That also made it harder with Elton because he had so many songs, but we had a lot to draw from and a lot to absorb."

Pnau release their new single 'Solid Ground' in the UK this week. Watch the video below.

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