Take That star reveals blood-splattered birth secrets
michael baggs
08:42 19th October 2012

Doting dad Robbie Williams has happily spoken of his love for being a new dad but his role as a parent didn't get off to the most pleasant of starts, likening the birth of Theodora Rose to an eighties horror movie.

Robbie's wife Ayda Field gave birth to the couple's daughter on 18 September 2012 and the singer described the family as 'rockin' shortly after the birth.

In a new, brutally honest interview, Robbie compares the birth to a number of movies - and none of them known for their blissful portrayal of family life.

"It was like the first 30 minutes of Saving Private Ryan down there," the 'Candy' star tells The Sun newspaper. "It was like Ayda vs Predator. She’d say the same thing. It’s an image that won’t go away."

The good guys always win in these movies however, and Robbie reveals that there were moments of panic during the birth that required quick action from the Take That star himself.

"I cut the cord but, bless her, I cut it while she was still inside Ayda," he added. "Teddy was going blue because the umbilical cord was caught around her neck."

"I had to be quick with the scissors."

An intimate snap from the birth Eighties sci-fi horror, Predator

Robbie also shared his personal secret for any future dads worried about their partner's giving birth - indulge in the gas and air laid on for the birthing mums.

"I had loads of it. I was looking at my mother looking at me. Every time Ayda had a contraction I thought, 'I can have gas and air too'," he reveals.

"I’ve got such huge respect for women who have babies."

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