Record 'coming along quickly' says Jared Followill
michael baggs
14:09 18th October 2012

The next Kings of Leon album will be finshed by early next year, according to bassist, Jared Followill.

The Tennessee stadium-rockers have revealed that they have begun writing their sixth studio album. Although there is not yet any concrete date for a release, it seems the follow-up to 'Come Around Sundown' is just months away.

Followill told BBC 6Music: "We are in the writing process right now and it's coming along pretty quickly. We'll definitely get into the studio. We have no plans of finishing it this year but definitely early next year."

The addmission from the bassist comes just three days after he released his debut EP with side project 'Smoke and Jackal', which is a collabortaion with Mona frontman, Nick Brown.

Kings Of Leon fans are hoping the band have put their recent troubles behind them

The news is also likely to be welcomed by Kings of Leon fans, following a period of turbulence for the Followills in 2011.

The band were forced to cancel the whole of a US tour last year after frontman, Caleb Followill, walked offstage at a show in Dallas.

But it would appear rumours the rest of the band were prepared to kick Caleb out if he did not attend rehab sessions were ill-founded as Jared later added: "I think people should expect something from us sooner rather than later."

Jared Follwill's debut EP with Smoke and Jackal entitled 'EP1' is available now.

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