Swedish duo stream six tracks of pop gold
michael baggs
08:55 17th October 2012

After recently signing a massive record deal with a major label, Icona Pop have today streamed their brilliant new EP online. Listen below.

The Swedish duo are one of the most innovative and exciting pop bands on the planet right now, and the new Iconic EP confirms this as it showcases their diverse, exhilarating sounds. The pair, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, are now streaming the EP online. Listen to it in full below.

The Iconic EP opens with the Charli XCX-penned pop anthem 'I Love It' before the brilliant blast of 'Ready For The Weekend' brings massive club beats into the duo's pounding pop sound. New track 'Good For You' is a stunning, summery slice of electro pop while breakthrough track 'Manners' still stuns with it's The Knife-like haunting beats. New versions of 'Top Rated' and 'Sun Goes Down' round off the release, the latter featuring fellow pop newcomers St.Lucia.

Icona Pop hand-making their Iconic EP covers

Gigwise met up with Icona Pop in London earlier this year, and the pair revealed that Swedish festivals are more 'hardcore' than UK events.

"In Sweden you can see puke all over the place and people pooing all over the floor outside, it's terrible. But I love it still," said Jawo.

"The Swedish are vikings remember - and they drink too much beer. They only ever drink on a Friday or Saturday, they don't go out for a beer in the middle of the week, people look at you strangely if you do."

Listen to Icona Pop's Iconic EP below.

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