Bassist follows up by attempting to insult the boyband's hair choices
michael baggs
08:49 17th October 2012

Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen took to Twitter to insult boyband One Direction after reportedly having a run in with them in the lobby of a British hotel.

The son of famous guitarist Eddie Van Halen apparently bumped into the boys in the hotel lobby and was insulted by them - although he didn't mention exactly what was said.

Van Halen wrote on Twitter: "Fun fact: Was just insulted by that sh**ty boy band #OneDirection in the lobby of our hotel this morning! Greetings Birmingham!"

He then added: "No joke. That ACTUALLY happened. That group of kids in #OneDirection were dickheads to @IIEROCKII @GWDrums and I."

Van Halen finished his rant with his own jab at the boyband's hairstyles, saying: "They must call themselves that because all of their hair points in #OneDirection." Err, we're not sure that has quite the effect that he's going for...

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This isn't the first time that One Direction have found themselves on the wrong side of a classic rock feud. Band member Harry Styles compared One Direction to the Beatles last week, causing many fans to take offence. 

And let's not forget that he outright admitted the band's new single 'Live While We're Young' rips off the opening riff from The Clash's hit 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go?'

Still, we can't help wondering exactly what One Direction could have said to generate quite this response from Van Halen. Could this be the start of a exciting new celebrity feud? Probably not, but fingers crossed anyway.

Watch One Direction's video for 'Live While We're Young' below (complete with possibly stolen riff):


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