The eerie new song hints at past drug addiction
michael baggs
09:50 15th October 2012

A new Lana Del Rey song has leaked - the latest in a string of unreleased songs from the star.

'Methamphetamines' features Del Rey's trademark sultry tones and old-glamour vibe, with a distinct lack of production surrounding the vocals. Reactions to the track are already mixed, perhaps due to the eerie feel of the song.

The title could also raise some eyebrows, as Del Rey has previously hinted that she recovered from a drug addiction and the video for her song 'Carmen' featured drug related imagery.

The 'Born To Die' singer has showcased two new videos recently, including the epic video for 'Ride' which shows Del Rey riding across the desert with a motorcycle gang and having sex on top of a pinball machine.

Del Rey has had a busy year with the release of her debut album 'Born To Die', which is now seeing a re-release. She also became the face of H&M and starred in an advertising campaign for the band.

The face of H&M - billboards showing the Lana Del Rey advertisements.

And Del Rey can be splashing her cash in an unusual way already - the singer was seen earlier in the week considering whether to buy a horse shaped topiary at a nursey in West Hollywood. The horse hedge would have been a bargain at just $2,850!

Listen to 'Methamphetamines' below:

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