Star speaks of events leading to band's hiatus
Michael Baggs

09:32 12th October 2012

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Cheryl Cole has lifted the lid on the events that led to Girls Aloud taking an extended break from music, discussing how bandmate Nadine Coyle struggled balancing her personal life with her role in the chart topping girlgroup.

The singer claims she had no problems with the Irish star however, revealing that attending events such as the Brit Awards simply 'wasn't her thing' and says that Coyle's commitments in the US prompted the band to take their extended hiatus.

"It was no secret Nadine was trying to launch a solo career in America," says Cheryl Cole in her new autobiography, Cheryl My Story. "She’d been living in the States for several years by now and was forever travelling back and forth.

"I felt we were lucky she was prepared to split herself in two. This was different, though. Having her manager actually on tour with us was crossing the line, and that’s when I knew that it was finally time for us to take a break."

She also recalls the Brit Awards ceremony in 2008, when Nadine decided not to attend - despite the group's Best Group nomination.

Above: Girls Aloud at the Brit Awards 2008 - without Nadine

"I think we all expected her to come up with some sort of excuse, but she actually just admitted, ‘It’s not really my thing’.

"I can remember a sort of stunned silence, like we’d all be slapped in the face, but I was so cut up about my marriage this didn’t really make the impact it probably should have."

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