Outspoken star clears up Smiths reunion rumours and hits out at future Queen's sister
michael baggs
10:58 10th October 2012

Morrissey has cleared up his thoughts on a potential Smiths reunion - and shared his opinions on 'horrendous' Pippa Middleton.

The outspoken singer was talking on US TV show The Colbert Report when he was asked about a potential reunion, before discussing the royal family (again) and clearing up his stance on vegetarianism.

When show host Colbert asked Morrissey about his standing on reuniting The Smiths, he replied simply: "Not everybody is a fat old slag. Not everybody is."

He was also asked whether he enjoyed the Queen's Jubilee celebrations earlier in 2012.

"A celebration of what? Sixty years of dictatorship," he replied. "She's not [my queen]. I hated the royal wedding. I think they are arrogant, horrible dictators. They're horrible. The world does not need them.

When asked if he thought Pippa Middleton looked good at the wedding, he added: "She's horrendous. Then of course a few weeks later she's in a gun scandal in Paris and the press hide it completely."

Morrissey also addressed his status as a firm vegetarian, having declared the building in which the show was filmed ban all meat on the day he appeared on the show.

"Animals are nicer than humans. They are conscious beings," he said in his defence. "If you stick your grandmother in an oven, she will probably be tasty. But is that any reason to eat your grandmother?"

Watch the full interview below.