Star wants Karruche Tran 'set up for life'
michael baggs
08:35 10th October 2012

How much would you want to date Chris Brown? The US singer was spotted handing over a bundle of cash to his ex-girlfriend this week, after splitting with model Karruche Tran due to his friendship with Rihanna.

The kind-hearted 'Turn Up The Music' chart topper is apparently keen to ensure his ex partner is well provided for after their split and wants Tran to spend the money on a house. His relationship with Rihanna originally ended in 2009 under less pleasant terms when Brown infamously beat up the Barbadian star en route to the Grammys.

"Neither Rihanna nor Chris want to make things harder for her than they already are," says a US source to The Sun newspaper.

"Chris wants to set her up financially and do right by her - he wants her to stay in his life if possible."

The tabloid also claims that Rihanna and her love rival have been communicating, with the hope of becoming friends as the love triangle between the three develops.

"Rihanna called Karrueche for a proper heart-to-heart. They needed to air a few problems," the source added.

"The girls talked for close to two hours. Rih answered all of the questions and Karrueche had a few home truths to tell her."

Chris Brown announced his split from girlfriend Tran at the end of last week - following it with a self-indulgent video which claimed to show 'the real Chris Brown'.

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