'Love Me Do' withdrawn from sale after mistake
michael baggs
12:22 6th October 2012

Copies of The Beatles' 50th anniversary single, a re-relase of 'Love Me Do', have been withdrawn after it was discovered that the version released did not feature Ringo Starr.

The embarrassing blunder was blunder was made as the iconic band's half century anniversary was celebrated, with label EMI withdrawing the release soon after it went on sale. The version that was accidentally released feature drummer Andy White on the track instead of Ringo.

During recording sessions of the track, producer George Martin brought White in to replace Starr when he was not satisfied with his work. By the time the single eventually got its original release however, Ringo Starr was already a core member of the band.

Earlier this week it was also revealed that The Beatles 'cheated' their way into the charts with the track when it was first released, with the band's manager snapping up thousands of copies themselves.

The revelation of the chart-climbing tactic is revealed in a new BBC documentary on the Fab Four set to air this weekend. In the documentary, titled Love Me Do: The Beatles ’62, Epstein’s friend Joe Flannery reveals that the manager would order copies of the single in bulk as well as encouraging band members to buy the single whilst they were out on tour.

“He [Brian Epstein] went and he bought 10,000 copies of ‘Love Me Do’ and that was in his store room in Whitechapel, because I’d seen them, they were there, 10,000 copies,” said Flannery.

Billy Kinsley, a member of The Merseybeats, also managed by Epstein also managed, adds: “He [Brian Epstein] found out that we were on tour, he’d look at our gigs, [and say] 'Oh we’re playing Sheffield' or 'We’re playing Manchester. OK will you just go in this record shop and pick up a few copies [of Love Me Do]? Don’t all go in at the same time.' Which we did. I like to think that we did help the Beatles get to number 17.”

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