Official denial of latest reunion rumours follows similar from Johnny Marr
David Renshaw

09:24 3rd October 2012

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A rep working for Morrissey has firmly stated that The Smiths are not planning to reunite, despite the rumour rearing its head once again this week.

It was claimed by some media sources that the band were getting back together for a lucrative Summer of festivals in 2013. However, that was soon refuted by guitarist Johny Marr and was later followed up by Morrissey's team who issued a statement whcih claimed:

"The Smiths are never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever going to reunite – ever."

Asked why the band won't get back together, the rep told Rolling Stone: "You'd have to ask Morrissey that. There's got to be a story there, and maybe one day it will be told."

Speaking in his statement, Johnny Marr said: "It isn't happening. We are fully focused on preparing Johnny's new album for release and booking shows for 2013."

Meanwhile, Morrissey claimed this week that US festival Coachella offered to 'go 100% vegetarian' if they could secure The Smiths as headliners next year.         

All smoke, no fire? Rock and roll rumours that just won't die


  • The Smiths reunion - pnot happening: According to new rumours, The Smiths will reform for Glastonbury in 2013. However, the band have denied all reunion rumours time and time again. "I don''t know where this stuff starts. Not from me. I got things to do," said Johnny Marr when the rumours last emerged. Johnny Marr''s manager has already denied the rumours, saying simply ''It''s not happening''.

  • New Daft Punk album - happening: This one crops up with alarming regularity, but while the new Daft Punk album is happening, there's been no confirmation of when we might hear new music, despite a recently revealed image suggestion the band would release an album titled No End on 3 March 2013. The band are working with Nile Rogers on their fourth studio album, but the notoriously unconvential French duo are as likely to scrap the lot as they release something new.

  • The Rolling Stones tour - probably happening: Trying to keep the Rolling Stones off the road is like trying to hold back time itself, something the band seem to have achieved with ease. The band have reunited this year for new studio sessions and have confirmed 'rehearsals', but are yet to reveal what they are rehearsing for.

  • Chris Brown and Chris Brown back together - probably happening: Being Chris Brown's girlfriend can't be an easy job, especially with the constant rumours of a reunion with Rihanna, who recently told Oprah Winfrey that she still loved the man who beat her up in 2009. The US stars enjoy public communication on Twitter, and Brown was quick to kiss Rihanna at the MTV Video Awards as she took to the stage to pick up her award - with Karrueche Tran nowhere to be seen...

  • New Queen album - probably not happening: Blame the badgers. There have been many rumours in 2012 about Queen teaming up with US pop singer Adam Lambert for a new album in 2012, but Brian May has said his conservation work is more important than music. "When I'm gone, people will no doubt remember me for Queen, but I would much rather be remembered for attempting to change the way we treat our fellow creatures," he told The Sunday Times.

  • Led Zeppelin to do one more show - probably not happening: Hopes were high that Led Zeppelin would announce plans at the launch of their DVD, Celebration Day, in London recently, but the band were there for just one thing - to launch the DVD and nothing else, all-but ignoring the questions about rumours they had been booked to perform at the O2.

  • Lady Gaga and Madonna duet - not happening: Madonna has seemingly ditched her vendetta against 'reductive' star Lady Gaga, inviting her younger rival to duet with her during her current MDNA tour. However, after a year spent mocking Gaga, she unsurprisingly rejected the offer.

  • Bowie or Prince for Glastonbury - probably happening: Glastonbury is going to be big, and sadly, The Vaccines just aren't going to cut it as a headliner. Bowie is said to be at the top of the organisers' wish list for 2013. It would be his first appearance at the festival since 2000. Prince has previously complained about the prices of Glastonbury tickets, but remains a favourite for the show.

  • The Jam reunion - probably not happening: As Paul Weller gets more and more experimental with his solo career it becomes less and less likely that he will ever reunite The Jam. Hopes were high in 2010 when Weller performed with Jam bandmate Bruce Foxton on tracks for his Wake Up The Nation album, but Weller has denied any interest in a reunion time and time again.

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