Steve Jones texts Alex Turner 'R U Mine' cameo
David Renshaw
14:45 24th September 2012

Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones has revealed that he keeps in contact with Alex Turner and would like to work with Arctic Monkeys again following his video cameo for them earlier this year.

Jones, who now works as a DJ in Los Angeles, appeared in the video for 'R U Mine?', where he made friends with the band and got to know the group.

Speaking to Digital Spy about possibly working with the band, who are due to start recording their new album imminently, Jones said: "I think they're really good, and I think Alex Turner's a very, very talented kid."
Adding: "I'd like to do be a bit of guitar with them guys. I'll play on anyone's record, to be honest with you. Me and Alex, we text each other quite a lot. He's a good kid."
However, it seems unlikely that Jones will be in another Monkeys video after learning about YouTube comments the hard way.

"You need tough skin if you wanna read the comments on YouTube. I actually looked on their video - I was watching it and reading some of the comments . They're like 'Who's that fat bastard at the beginning?'. None of them have any idea who I am. They think I'm some fat f**king idiot talking in a microphone."

Check out the 'R U Mine' video below:

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