Judge reveals she expected X Factor sack
David Renshaw
08:32 24th September 2012

Tulisa has revealed that she is still to have a conversation with her family about the sex tape footage of herself which leaked onto the internet earlier this year.

The video, which Tulisa subsequently had banned in the high courts, affected Tulisa's career and saw the star fearing for her job as a judge on the X Factor. Writing in her autobiography, to be published later this year, the 'Young' chart topper says,

"The thought of speaking to me family, my mum and dad, filled me with dread. I still haven't done that."

Discussing her belief she'd lose her job over the video, which was leaked by an ex-boyfriend, Tulisa adds: "It felt as though there was a massive axe swinging above me head. My job as a judge on The X Factor was to smile and be smart and funny.
"But underneath I was petrified of being made to look like some kind of slapper in front of the nation. I would try to put the whole thing out of my mind but it would all creep back - it was pretty much all-consuming.
"By this time, I'd suffered for months. I was moody and tearful, constantly afraid I'd get fired from The X Factor."

Tulisa's autobiography, titled Honest, is being serialised in the tabloids this week. The first revelation from the book was that she was sexually attacked as a teenager.

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