Portishead star called out on Twitter after criticism
David Renshaw
08:41 21st September 2012

Geoff Barrow has been forced to explain his comments about Amy Winehouse after fans of the late singer took exception to the comments he made about her having a 'fake' voice.

The typically outspoken comments came from Barrow in an interview with his other band Beak> in which he claimed that Winehouse affected her retro vocal style and that he was never a fan of her work.

Unsurprisingly, fans of the 'Back to Black' star took exception to this and began Tweeting Barrow to vent their opinion that he is very much in the wrong.

One fan wrote: "This is why no one knows you... You're just trying to make headlines. How many Awards and albums have u sold? Go kick rocks!"

Whilst another added: "Karma will f*ck you. Trust me you f*cking cockroach "

Barrow responded to his critics, writing, "I'm sure she was a lovely caring talented person - I didn't know her. Very sad that she passed away - but i never dug her vibe."

The Portishead and Beak> musician, who also produced The Horrors second album, originally called Winehouse 'Whiney Sh*tehouse'.