Abuse protest group target former Beatle
Michael Baggs

09:41 20th September 2012

The group behind the 'warning' labels seen on Chris Brown albums in London recently have now targeted John Lennon - with the same sticker seen on copies of his album in Manchester.

The 'Warning: do not buy this album this man beats women' sticker was seen on CDs in a Manchester branch of Fopp. Lennon was said to have slapped future-wife Cynthia in 1957 and was also said to have 'emotionally abused' his wife and son Julian.

The stickers were first seen on Chris Brown albums shortly after the US r&b star revealed a new tattoo on his neck. The tattoo appears to show a beaten woman's face - although this has been denied by his official spokesperson.

Despite the stickers being intended to warn potential buyers off the albums, HMV recently revealed that the stunt may have in fact had the opposite effect, instead alerting individuals to the albums' presence on shelves.

"More people now know there's a new Chris Brown album out,' says a spokesperson to the NME. "I guess they got their point across pretty effectively – with widespread coverage around the world, though."

A Twitter account, @abusesticksout, has been set up by the group responsible for the stickers.

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