Queen guitarist warns of 'terrible tragedy'
David Renshaw
16:02 18th September 2012

Queen guitarist Brian May has criticised government plans to allow a trial cull of badgers in the UK, warning that the results will be terrible and arguing that badgers do not carry the TB virus they are being killed to stop.

May appeared on BBC News this morning (Sept 18) to argue his point, saying: "The disease comes from cows, it doesn't come from badgers. It's a very unfair situation. Badgers have been the scapegoat for years and years and farmers have been killing badgers for many, many years now." 

Adding: "All the scientific evidence that's been done – 11,000 badgers were killed in the ISG [Independent Scientific Group]'s experiment…and their conclusion was that killing badgers cannot meaningfully contribute to the problem of bovine TB in cattle. It's completely unequivocal."

The iconic guitarist also appeared on Channel 4 News last night (Sept 17), warning that "a terrible, terrible tragedy is about to unfold". You can see footage of Brian May on C4 News below.

The government have sanctioned a trial cull of badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset in an attempt to see if shooting the animals works and will last for six weeks. Brian May is the founder of Team Badger, an umbrella charity made up of other animal charities such as the RSPCA. 

Footage of Brian May on Channel 4 News: