Radio One star speaks of support for Chris Moyles replacement, says she would 'never' do it
michael baggs
13:05 18th September 2012

Annie Mac has spoken of her support for Nick Grimshaw as he prepares to step into Chris Moyles' shoes as host of the Radio One breakfast show, but says she would never have taken the slot herself. 

Many have wondered if Grimmy is good replacement for the legendary Chris Moyles. The DJ is renowned as a bit of a party animal, being regularly pictured partying with musicians and celebrities until the early hours. Friend of the DJ, and fellow R1 presenter Annie Mac has revealed she fully believes the breakfast newcomer will cope easily with his new early morning schedule.
"He doesn't need sleep like other people, and will happily get three hours and just get up the next day and get on with it - he's got a really strong work ethic," she told Gigwise.
Annie Mac, who is set to release a compilation album titled 'AMP' October 8th, shared her thoughts on the his suitability to the Breakfast Show:. 
"Of all the people I know, he (Grimshaw) is genuinely most suited to that job... No matter how hard he’s working he never moans about work.  He genuinely loves it, it kind of validates him and he blossoms when he's on the radio. He's just brilliant."
When asked how she thinks Grimshaw will change the Breakfast Show format Annie replied, 
"He will completely change it. He won't have a big group of people around him like Chris did. He's a different guy who's into different music, he will play more music though which is cool." 
When it came to taking over the coveted early morning slot herself, she was adamant that it was not for her. 
"Not in a million years!" She laughed. "The hours do not suit me, and because of everything else I do with the DJing and stuff it just wouldn't work. I like being able to play the music I like aswell, instead of playing playlisted music. It means a lot to me to be able to be trusted as someone who plays good music." 
You can hear how Nick Grimshaw gets on as the new host of Breakfast Show every weekday starting September 24th.
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