London shot video sees Robbie protecting girl from danger
David Renshaw

09:38 11th September 2012

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Robbie Williams has premiered the first video from his upcoming album Take The Crown. Watch the 'Candy' video below.

The video, shot in the Spitalfields area of East London, sees Robbie protecting a mystery woman (played by Skins actress Kaya Scodelario) as she walks through life. Williams previously said that 'Candy' is about, "a girl who thinks she's great," but is "a bit nefarious with her ways."

The all action video sees Robbie fighting off men, getting run over and even punching an old lady in the face.

'Candy' is an upbeat, catchy pop track which seems to back up Williams plan to become the biggest popstar in the UK once again after slipping off the radar somewhat in recent years.

Williams admitted last week that 'he wasn't into' his last two album releases.

'Take The Crown' will be released on November 5th and is the 'Rock DJ' star's first solo release since he rejoined (and subsequently left) Take That.

The 'Take The Crown' album artwork features a gold cast of Williams head set on a striking blue background. Songs on the album include 'Be A Boy' 'Sh*t On The Radio' and a duet with singer-songwriter Lissie titled 'Losers'.

The Take The Crown tracklisting is as follows:

1. 'Be A Boy'
2. 'Gospel
3. 'Candy
4. 'Different
5. 'S**t On The Radio
6. 'All That I Want'
7. 'Hunting For You'
8. 'Into The Silence
9. 'Hey Wow
 Yeah Yeah'
10. 'Not Like The Others'
11. 'Losers' (featuring Lissie)

Check out the 'Candy' video below:

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