Hear clips from three summery tracks on singer's debut
michael baggs
14:03 5th September 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen has released preview clips from her debut album 'Kiss' - but her duet with mentor Justin Bieber remains unheard. Check out the new track below.

The album is due to hit the shelves on 18 September in the US, but she has posted preview clips of three songs on her Soundcloud page ahead of its release.

Clips from summery opening track 'Tiny Little Bows' as well as 'Turn It Up' and 'Hurt So Good' can all be heard below.

'Kiss' features guest appearance from the likes of Justin Bieber and Owl City.

The huge worldwide hit 'Call Me Maybe' is set to be the third track on the album, which Spotify recently announced as the service's third most streamed track of the summer.

The song was also recently covered by May Arcade, a female duo from Newcastle, who changed some of the lyrics to include Geordie slang words.

The tracklisting for 'Kiss' is as follows:

1. Tiny Little Bows
2. This Kiss
3. Call Me Maybe
4. Curiosity
5. Good Time (with Owl City)
6. More Than A Memory
7. Turn Me Up
8. Hurt So Good
9. Beautiful (with Justin Bieber)
10. Tonight I'm Getting Over You
11. Guitar String/Wedding Ring
12. Heart Is A Muscle
13. Drive (bonus track)
14. Wrong So Right (bonus track)
15. Sweetie (bonus track)
16. Almost Said It (bonus track)