Roger Taylor admits Queen's early reservations
David Renshaw

10:16 4th September 2012

Queen drummer Roger Taylor has revealed that the band had no plans to release 'Another One Bites The Dust' as a single until Michael Jackson convinced them otherwise.

The song, which went on to be one of Queen's biggest ever hits, was always seen as an album track when it came out as part of 1980's 'The Game'. However, the King of Pop saw differently and made the band aware of their potential hit.

"We'd already had one number one from that album, The Game, and then we had another hit and I remember Michael Jackson saying, 'You guys are mad if you don't release Another One Bites the Dust', Taylor is quoted as saying.
Adding: "I remember saying, 'That will never be a hit.' How wrong can you be?'"

Michael Jackson hit the headlines this week after leaked documents revealed the worrying nature of his mind ahead of a series of planned gigs in the UK shortly before his death.

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